Weekly strategy review

This year pivots have worked amazingly well, but the past week had a bit of frustration as can happen with any method. Or perhaps my application was off. Main point was to be more long and less short and/or fewer safe havens if the market (primarily referring to the main USA indexes) was strong; and less long, more short and full safe haven positions if week.

I let the FebPs on SPY / ES / SPX and DIA / YM / INDU along with NYA / VTI decide strong or weak. That was the pesky part as Monday jumped above on all 8 of these which I thought was good enough for more bullish positioning as above; only for Tuesday to break on ES, SPX, INDU (slight), NYA and VTI, combined with a VIX sell signal so back to bearish; only to open lower Wednesday but come roaring back from CLJ6 1HS1 and SPX YS1 near exact, so again shifting more bullish Thursday. Using NYA to confirm longs (as happened Monday) and VIX as stock sells (Tuesday) have worked far more often than not so I won't be to sore about the minor chop this past week. 

In the larger scheme of things this was just some shuffle and a couple minor dings in an fantastic year. 2016 basic moves (all very well documented on this site, and posts searchable in the FAQ page in the search tool):

1/4-7 cut USA longs from early October
1/6 buy TLT
1/6 SPY target 186
1/7 "bear for real if NDX below 4373" and full defensive mode, whatever that means for you, was correct approach
1/20-22 stock index turn but not a big buy, SPY target achieved and good cover if short
1/22-28 adding TLT above YP
1/25+ GLD buy, adding 2/4-5
2/12 turn alert and DIA buy (also good cover if still short)
2/16 RSX EWZ EEM buys for quick pop
2/16 BTCUSD buy

So the latter part of February if following along:
Reduced add portions on TLT and GLD, put them back on, then out again Thursday if paying attention (not saying all these moves correct, just how it seemed at the time);
Cut the RSX, EWZ, EEM positions for small gain;
Added SPY or DIA on 2/22, small loss next day; 
Added XLF / QQQ / FXI shorts 2/23, then took USA shorts off for scratch.
Added SPY and/or DIA longs back 2/25.

Market in digestion range after the power moves of the first 6 weeks which is to be expected, so maybe adjustments seem like too much work. Perhaps. Just calling it how i see it.