Pivots work on these too. Usual big picture view with long term pivots only on DXY, EUR, USDJPY, AUD. 

DXY broke 1HP and testing its YP at 96.48. What matters here is the close of this week; above the YP probably bullish, definitely bearish below. Note DXY has been above its YP since clearly & launching in August 2014, so a break is an important shift in a long term trend. 

EUR mirroring USD here, with break of YP in 2014 then huge slide. So far above its YP for the first time since 2014.

USDJPY has been all above its YP since Abe came on the scene in late 2012 - what a run. The HP showed some weakness in 2H 2015 but the recent negative rate news led to a clear rejection of both the 1HP and YP which I think will be definitive. For now watch YS1 / 1HS1 combo at 115.41 / 115.75.

Lastly the AUD has been below its YP since 2013 with crystal clear rejection in 2014, followed by a big drop. Trend still down but recent low held 1HS1. It would need to clear the 1HP / YP area .7311 / .7496 to turn positive.