Yearly pivot promise

In talks I have referred to the Yearly Pivot Promise. The idea is most asset classes will visit YR1 or YS1 at some point during the year. On the Dow, only 4 years since 1950 have *not* seen either YR1 or YS1. So this doesn't have to be a huge percentage move, but it is a very likely one. Of course the pivot is the dividing line between the bullish and bearish perspectives. 

2016 was fantastic year for trading because we saw lots more - SPX from YR1 to YR2, RUT from YS2 to YR2, etc. I don't know what 2017 will bring, so far I am aiming for YR1s on USA mains and YS1s on safe havens. 

This is because USA main indexes are all on track to open above 2017 yearly pivots, and safe havens below - though these levels are not finalized until the last close of 2016. Currently 2017 levels are:

SPX YP 2115, YR1 2420
NDX YP 4585, YR1 5285
INDU YP 18420, YR1 21390
RUT YP 1399, YR1 1856

Given these targets, it make sense to be holding USA stock longs with an eye on 2017. More on 2017 pivots and we approach year end.