Pivot status

This may become a regular feature. 

Remember I don't track everything (S&P sector charts for example) and don't have time for individual stocks. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message through the contact page. 

Above all pivots (not so many things right now)
NQ futures on both 1 continuous and current Z contract
XLF (but not IYF)
$USD (but i am not tracking that many currency pairs, only the major crosses)

Nearest to recover status of above all pivots (ie first buy choices if we get general long signal)
IYF another benchmark financial ETF
DIA actually easier than SPY at this point

Recent tests & holds of Q4Ps

Long term weakness of note (less common this year because USA stocks, global stocks, bonds and commodities all up for much of the year)
TLT, below 2HP with first break on 10/10 and second break 10/24 (shorts are quite late)
EFA (Developed world ex USA index ETF) below YP all year, but above 2HP; any lower will be below 3 / 4 pivots
XBI / IBB biotech gave back all summer gains; IBB below all pivots as of 10/12, XBI sitting on 2HP (last one left) on 10/28 (This may also determine fate of Tech set.)
ps, FXI & ASHR (Shanghai ETF) both under YPs, more due to 2015 high in stratosphere; both above 2HPs so i'm not really considering these as weak 

Quite a lot now in mixed condition above both long term pivots (YP & 2HP) but below medium term pivots (Q4P and OctP), or opposite
SPY, DIA, IWM, VTI all long term strong but medium term weaker
GLD & GDX also, although these could more easily break 2HP than USA stocks due to proximity
NKY & DAX under YPs but otherwise OK above 2HPs; also both above Q4P and OctP

Oil varies per vehicle: CL1 continuous, current Z contract or USO all different picture
CL1 above all pivots handily from 9/28
CLZ YP break 10/24
USO above 2HP, Q4P and monthP from 10/3 but well under YP all year