Monthly charts redux

Based on quarterly and monthly chart analysis conducted here on 10/1 I gave edge to stocks and said safe havens TLT and GLD looked weaker. If you avoided damage on TLT and GLD or even shorted, as both were below QPs for the first time in months, you have done well even if holding some stock longs.

But some interesting levels are again in play for SPX, NDX and INDU. Key point: potential bull trap with anything much lower than 10/11, specially SPX 2134 (2015 high), NDX 4816 (2000 top), INDU 18132 (2015 monthly close high). 

Plenty of people bought the breakout above 2015 high 2134. Their patience as already been tested as after a few weeks the move has faded and market went nowhere for 2 months. Now perhaps their risk tolerance will be tested as well. The lower grey line represents the 2015 monthly close high and can still act as support. Then below that are rising 10 and 20MAs in aqua and orange respectively. 

The red line is 2000 top and it looked so great to be above... but now does it hold?

The weakest of the bunch, already below 2015 high and again testing 2015 monthly close high.