Oil again

Check out this blog post from 1/19: "CL1 is now approaching 1HS1 at 27.89 and then the all important YS1 at 26.69. This area will likely have to hold for stock indexes to stabilize and bounce."

Where was the low? Mostly on the 1HS1 level with dip below but close above on 1/20 then up from there. On the current contract the low was pretty much bang on YS1. This low may need testing. The levels to watch are listed; both charts below. Also including USO which looks more like CL1; I think the current futures contract is giving the best signals but still the others could be worth watching. 

Q1S1 30.58; best to stay above this, but only medium term level and longer term more important
1HS1 27.89; 
YS1 26.69
If YS1 breaks then Q1S2 is 24.12

1HS1 29.45
YS1 27.89
Q1S2 26.02

1HS1 7.82 (not tagged yet)
YS1 7.18