Bullish comments from 11/9+

Actually, caution alert issued 10/27 was lifted 11/7 (see previous featured post) and from there I was recommending more longs (or lifting of hedges). 

11/9 SPY Daily: "So, DIA started fractionally below the Q4P and jumped above in the first 15 minutes. VIX started a bit above 2HP and collapsed all day. The Pivotal Perspective is clear. We don't know what will happen tomorrow, but for now, the markets are quite fine. (I suggest keeping an eye on VIX Q4P from here.) ... Sectors of note: XLF/IYF new market sector leaders; XBI/IBB massive jump. EEM/FXI noticeably weaker however, both under Q4Ps as all 5 USA mains held or recovered."

11/12 Winners and losers post on the blog: "We are trying to catch the winners, hold those, then take some gains and rotate into other winners. ... We avoid the losers, or hedge, or short. Strongest: DIA - above all pivots, above YR1; IWM - above all pivots, above YR1; SOXX/SMH - continuing strong above all pivots, above YR1, above 2HR2.

11/12 Monthly charts: "In general, stock indexes look quite healthy led by INDU on the main indexes, then RUT; and XLF on the sectors. Safe havens GLD and TLT are dropping hard."

11/13 Total market view: "4 of 5 USA mains are above all pivots (QQQ lagging, below NovP). 2 of those have cleared YR1s, which were resistance from August on. At the same time, safe havens TLT and GLD are collapsing while both VIX and XIV have said all clear from 11/7 on. This is all very bullish and must be respected no matter what you think of upcoming politics. ... USA indexes look great, most especially DIA and IWM among mains, and XLF/IYF financials among sectors. Safe havens look terrible. This is very bullish action for USA stocks."

11/14 SPY Daily: "Though QQQ broke Q4P slightly, everything else still looks quite bullish. SPY mild pause from YR1, but cannot say rejection when NovR1 holds as support. Safe havens especially all saying risk on: TLT and GLD both broke Q4S3s, VIX below all pivots, XIV above all pivots. Oh yeah, financials, small-caps and biotech continue melt-up."

11/15 SPY Daily: "The Pivotal Perspective is quite bullish today, because several key levels acted as support on the USA main indexes. ... Ding! 5 of USA mains (I count VTI & NYA together as one) have bullish action on key levels. Safe havens TLT could not bounce above Q4S3, and VIX & XIV stay very constructive for the market. Perhaps tomorrow will be different but right now long and strong stocks is the right view." 

11/16 SPY Daily: "...USA main indexes are quite fine today without much change from yesterday. No rejection from resistance, and the weak link Tech / QQQ continues to play catch up. SPY could have closed below the YR1 but didn't. Bulls still have the ball."

11/17 SPY Daily: "Trump honeymoon continues with everything positive for USA stock indexes. SPY looks to be lifting from YR1 which is very bullish. It has run into Nov R2, but no sign of resistance thus far. In addition, all safe havens (TLT, GLD, VIX, XIV) bullish for risk assets."

11/18 SPY Daily: "Overall action was mixed... If we allow VIX & XIV to settle the issue, then bulls still have the ball and this is more likely a pause that start of a big drop."

11/21 SPY Daily: "Amazing TrumpIt rally continues. SPY soaring above NovR2, DIA above 2HR1, QQQ above all pivots, and safe havens TLT and GLD continue to look weak. Despite my expectation of some digestion after the initial push of election week, markets just keep going up."

11/22 SPY Daily: "SPX set is already approaching the next major target area of 2HR1 2209, SPY 220.99 and ES1 2205 after clearing YR1s at 2163 / 217.63 / 2169 respectively. Despite the run up, we are not seeing signs of euphoria, and other USA main indexes are not on major resistance. This means the most likely scenario is tag of level, then higher or digestion." 

11/23 SPY Daily: "Markets continue to power up. SPY approaching key resistance and RSI near overbought, but without other signs of euphoria."

11/25 SPY Daily: "Still powering up. The charts I pointed out on Wednesday - SPY, IWM and XIV - are still in resistance areas, yet with no sign of pause or rejection."

Disclosure: Total market view of 11/20 not quite bullish enough!