USA main indexes

The 2 USA leaders, RUT and NDX, have powered up above YR2s in the last 2 weeks. SPX rallied above its HR1 last week as well, and if it reaches YR2 this year that means a move to nearly 3000. But DJI and NYA look considerably weaker, with DJI topping bang on HR1 and looking like down more likely as the next move. NYA similar to DJI but not yet on resistance. 

3 of 5 USA main indexes just cleared major resistance and that is bullish. That said, near term pause looks a bit more likely. 

SPX W: Above HR1 2883 opens door to YR2 near 3000.
SPY D: Between levels.
ES D: Last touches of MPs have been the key pullback buys in May, July and August. 
SPY 2H: Last touch of WP was 2 weeks ago - very strong but due for another test. 
SPX sum: Bigger picture above HR1 points to YR2 near 3000. Near term suggests pause week with nearly all timeframes overbought near near overbought. 

1 3 ES D.png
1 4 SPY 2H.png

NDX W: Power up above YR2, very strong.
QQQ D: Next targets significantly higher.
NDX sum: Leader still leading with strong move above YR2. 

1 5 NDX W.png
1 6 QQQ D.png

W: HR1 resistance. 
D: Fade under HR1. 
DJI sum: Clearly weaker with trouble at HR1 and bar suggesting lower as next move. 

1 8 DIA D.png

RUT W: Heading towards HR1. 
IWM D: QR1 resistance with HR1 above that. 

1 11 RUT W.png
1 12 IWM D.png

W: Not at levels
D: Near tag of AugR1 for the high.

1 NYA W.png
1 13 NYA D.png