Vacation notice

To my dedicated readers - I'm going on a wonderful trip with my lovely wife and it's time to be away from the screen. Though I've barely missed a day since starting this site at the closure of a hedge fund in September 2015, I'm taking the next 2+ weeks completely off. Back near 4/8. 

There weren't too much people thinking about a major top in January after being massively bullish 2017 Q4 and into the start of 2018. But here at The Pivotal Perspective that's exactly how it played out.

1/23/2018 Daily comment: "There are so many indexes on or near YR1s the situation calls Jan-Feb 2016 to mind, as the only difference was that they were on YS1s. Both years started with a directional bang, reached yearly levels, and then... we shall see. That is our task now, to assess the chances of a turn here."