Safe havens

VIX is below all pivots and XIV is above all pivots, both generally bullish for stocks. But on Friday VIX made reversal bar from AprS1. Given trend I give bulls benefit of doubt, but this is a minor mark in the negative column.

GLD remains above all pivots and successful backtest of D200MA so far. TLT faded from Q2R1 area, and AGG back under YP / 1HP combo, but both came back into the end of last week. 

Safe havens are showing some signs of caution for stocks but thus far it has paid to stay bullish risk assets until VIX and XIV both agree on trouble, and that hasn't happened yet. 

Weekly chart fast drop from 1HP down to 2014 lows.
Daily chart same move, but looks like reversal bar on 4/28 from AprS1.
Adding MAs on the next chart makes VIX look more bearish / ie stocks fine, with negative slopes.
A tag of the lower band should that happen would reach into the 9s.
VIX sum - Below all pivots and MAs. 4/13-17 and 4/19-21 both fantastic tells for the market. But 4/28 also reversal bar from AprS1 could be the start of another move up. 

29 31 VIX D.png
29 32 VIX D.png
29 33 VIX D.png

No problems here, jump back above YR2.
Daily chart reclaimed Q2P fractionally 4/17-18, broke, then again 4/20-21, back above all pivots confirming stock buys on 4/24.

29 34 XIV W.png
29 35 XIV D.png

Maybe overkill but 4/19-21 confirming buy setups with clear resistance at YP 1HP areas, then 4/24 back under all pivots. Similarly, pivot support reached on 4/25. 

29 36 VVIX D.png

Weekly chart far from any long term levels.
Daily chart a bit above Q2R1 then fade. But still above Q2P! MayP will be interesting. 

29 40 TLT W.png
29 41 TLT D.png
29 42 TLT D.png
29 43 TLT D.png

YP and 1HP fade, but decent comeback and may try again! If so then falling D200MA looms.

29 46 AGG D.png

Weekly chart above long term pivots and far from resistance.
Daily chart fade from Q2R1.
But so far holding backtest of D200MA.

29 48 GLD D.png

GDX structurally weaker all year, and quick traders could have used the GLD drop to short GDX 4/21 or 4/24. But held YP and D400 combo. If long I'd rather be in GLD with more size, and save GDX for shorting. 

29 50 GDX D.png