Safe havens

VIX below all pivots throughout Feb, and XIV clearing YR1 and holding that as support both the tells for the recent move. Ie, if stock weakness was for real, VIX would have stayed above the FebP and XIV rejected from YR1. 

TLT below all pivots. GLD turning into the DXY weakness play and the asset for Trump skeptics, managing to close fractionally above all pivots. 

Weekly chart far from any level; noticeably higher lows with stock indexes testing highs. 
Daily chart back under all pivots after spending most of January above the monthly.

Wow, GLD weekly close above all pivots. 1HP is fractional clear but still. 
GLD D clear lift above YP / Q1P / FebP combo on 2/1, with D10, rising D20 and D400 all helping. D100 the next MA test. 

Interesting that GDX had held throughout Jan, although I didn't like it at the time with GLD below all pivots. 

Weekly may or may not reach major support for a low.
Daily VIX chart - red line is 2014 lows, which is the low for this decade and the lowest since 2007. 
Once again, VIX correct on markets by remaining below the FebP on daily close. 
Adding the BB, we see a handful of moves to resistance (pivot, MA or BB) since 11/9: 12/1 top on Q4P, 20MA & 50MA, 12/30 top on 200MA, 100MA, 50MA and top of BB; 1/19 top on JanP and 50MA; 1/31 top on BB and 50MA in play again too. 

Above YR1 has been a tell.
Daily chart shows hold of YR1 as support on 1/30-31. 
And what an uptrend, holding 10MA nearly the whole way with just 2 days below 12/29-30.