After returning to 100% long early February, only 1 adjustment and that was selling RSX with a drop below its monthly pivot on 2/17.

2 DIA (first positions near election, with a shuffle week of 1/30)
3 XLF, 1 QQQ (pre and post election)
2 SPY (1/3)
1 SMH (1/18)

9 longs or 90% long, no shorts. 

Although gradually rotating out of IWM has been correct, a couple reductions have cost this quarter as I have paid up to get back to higher exposure. In addition, while I was comfortable being maximum long in 2016 Q4 with safe havens confirming this position (TLT below all pivots, GLD below 3/4 pivots, both as of 11/10-11/2016), I have kept stock index exposure to a maximum of 100% after GLD reclaimed its YP for the second time on 2/1. Speaking of GLD, I did clearly recommend it here on 2/1 although did not include it in trading exposure system. 

While it makes sense to not include currencies and commodities in an overall exposure system - since I am treating GLD more as a safe haven think it would be valid to include it going forward. 

No adjustments in the past week. As tech looks toppy it might be worth taking gains on SMH or hedge via IWM.


Positioning limits
15 or 150% long, -50% shorts or hedges, 200% max total exposure. 

Currency / commodity positions are not included in this system.