Heading into week:

2 DIA (first positions near election, with a shuffle week of 1/30)
3 XLF, 1 QQQ (pre and post election)
2 SPY (1/3)
1 SMH (1/18)
1 RSX (1/23)

2/17: - 1 RSX

9 or 90% long, no shorts or hedges. 


Even though "should have" is usually not effective mindset for trading/investing, taking off leverage after GLD lifted above its YP again in February has cost some gains. Better to not be max long when a safe haven is showing strength, but given TLT, VIX and XIV could have kept some leverage on.

Also, I have been surprised by tech and global index strength - these have been the best gains of 2017. Although I did rotate out of IWM, decision to buy 2 SPY instead of 2 QQQ has cost, and not adding EEM, EWZ on buy signals (already pretty long at that point) also cost gains. With XLF outperformance portfolio is roughly in line with SPY, although 2016 Q4 recommendations generated huge outperformance by focusing on IWM, DIA and especially XLF longs. Simply matching SPY is not the goal here - i'm shooting higher, while avoiding assets that are in long term downtrends. 

Positioning limits
15 or 150% long, -50% shorts or hedges, 200% max total exposure. 

Currency / commodity positions are not included in this system.