Safe havens

VIX & XIV correct on markets, with VIX staying below all pivots on close from 11/9 on. XIV soaring this year so far, with no damage at YR1 and the level quickly turning into support. 

TLT tried to rally above FebP but gave back gains in 2 days. Only GLD showing some caution above all pivots. 

Weekly chart in the middle of long term levels all 2017 thus far. 
Daily chart rallied above FebP only to give back gains in 2 days. 

Weekly chart decently above long term pivots for the first time since October 2016. 
Daily commentary mentioned good looking buy set-up on 2/1.

Held the YP and Q1P support zone from 1/5/17 on.

Weekly chart has red bars all year!
Daily chart below all pivots all of 2017.

Weekly chart soared above YR1 and might test 1HR2.
Daily chart showed lack of selling pressure at YR1 and then the level holding as support. Q1R2 also acted as support. 
RSI on daily chart above 70 from 1/5 on!