I've frequently mentioned SMH / SOXX as a favorite sector trade this year. In fact SMH was on the top of pivotal strength check on 8/21 and since then have rallied an amazing 20%+!

Here is SPY in bars from 8/21 and the others that I mentioned from that post. I know it is hard to sort out lines but several of the indexes mentioned did outperform SPY for several weeks after that low, with the outperformance ending about 2 months later. I mentioned EWZ weakness early, and it could have even been a hedge against other global longs. SHComp is also below SPY performance now, and though I like to monitor I typically don't trade it too much. EEM has kept above even with SPY. Others are above, but again SMH the huge winner.

18 40 SMH comp.png

Starting to fall back inside BB.

18 41 SMH M.png

BB divergence high. 

18 42 SMH W.png

This has been a great catch but with NDX / QQQ on YR3 I'm thinking time to lock in gains.