Safe havens

TLT and GLD getting re-balancing and/or oversold bounce. But until both recover at least a quarterly pivot, trend is more likely to return lower. VIX is below all pivots. While we are seeing levels that often pay to be on guard, VIX staying under all pivots is bullish for stocks. XIV a bit more concern with tag of Q1R1 so watch that next week. 

Weekly with long term levels only
Daily with long term  medium term
Daily with pivots only (no support or resistance) and moving averages for entries

Below YP/1HP combo with long term support far below.
Daily chart shows recovery of JanP, but rally stopped cold at the D50MA.
TLT sum: Bounce in downtrend, still below YP, 1HP and Q1P. Holding above the JanP means it could go higher, but I will keep to overall bearish view below the Q1P.

Weekly below long term pivots. Daily recovered JanP as TLT did. Nice pivot cluster possible short setup with YP and Q1P both in 114s.

Stronger than the metal and right now above YP Q1P combo. Still below 1HP and falling 100MA. Under the YP could consider short. I'm not thinking long due to weakness in GLD. 

VIX down in 11s and even into 10s a bit last week. It usually pays to be on guard at these levels, but anything below 13.20 is still under all pivots and therefor strong for stocks. 

Already at Q1R1!