Last week start

3 IWM, 2 DIA (both from near election)
3 XLF, 1 QQQ (pre & post election)
2 SPY from 1/3
1 XBI from 1/4

12 longs, no shorts = 120% long
Note 8 USA mains, 4 sectors

Adjustments last week

Next decision will be whether to take gains and if so what to take. Exits are often trickier than entries. 

Although I cannot complain with positioning and decision to remove hedges 1/3/2017 that were put on IWM 12/12/2016 and return to leverage long 1/3 & 1/4 this year, I have missed or been underweight the better move up in QQQ. DXY weakness combined with risk on has resulted in stronger rally in other developed markets via ETF EFA, and global ETFs I track as well, especially FXI, EEM, and INDA. Oh well, I was short FXI and mentioned INDA in long term charts only to see mixed pivot condition and nix the setup. That said, XBI has been a nice add from 1/4 and only wish I did more. 

* * *

Positioning limits
15 or 150% long, -50% shorts or hedges, 200% max total exposure. 

Currency / commodity positions are not included in this system.