Shanghai Composite was a traders dream in 2015 but this year has gone to sleep. But Hong Kong's Hang Seng has been on a tear since the 6/27 lows, up 18%. I'm not saying it is a buy here but given the steady media bias against China this is an interesting thing to watch. It is definitely helping pull up EEM as well. FXI is basically correlated to Hang Seng although technicals look just a bit different. 

Hang Seng
Quarterly chart looks fine back above all MAs. Nice hold of rising 50MA in purpose the the last few bars, and already recovered 50% of the drop from 2015 high to 2016 low. 

Monthly chart has also recovered its 50MA, and starting to lift above its orange 20MA as well. 

Weekly chart RSI near overbought, but has reclaimed 200MA and 100MA in the last few bars.

The Pivotal Perspective gave long term partial buy the first week of the second half of 2016, with the first bar above a long term pivot since the August 2015 break of the YP. Heading up to key resistance though, at YP and 2HR2 combo. 

Daily chart with the works shows great hold of daily 400MA, rising 20MA and clear of 10MA, while above all pivots. RSI overbought again, but if higher lots of resistance at the YP / 2HR2 / Q3R3 / SepR1 all 23538-23826.

Monthly chart doesn't have quite the same look since just under falling MAs (20 in orange, 50 in purple and 100 in thin black)

Similarly the weekly chart is up against a 200MA (thick black), 400MA (thick brown) just above and 100MA (thin black) slightly above that. 

Similar buy using long term pivots, but resistance a bit further away. 

Pivots look great here, but that falling 400MA in brown something to watch.