Safe havens

I am going to continue calling this "safe havens" even if we bonds and gold have periods when they are not so safe. It is because people are buying these as protection alternatives to the growth promise of stocks. 

TLT and GLD clear drops from AugPs (keep in mind that all USA mains and most others than I can think of are above AugPs), making TLT and GLD in the weaker position. VIX closed fractionally above AugP for 2 days which shows some caution, but I will be quick to take off partial hedges or add longs with any clear move back below. The tell of the stock pullback only came on VI1 continuous futures, which did hold AugP as support for several days. It also would not take much to drop back below the level. Basically, TLT and GLD showing weakness, and VIX & variants mild concern but nothing drastic yet. 

Weekly chart still bar between long term levels.
Daily chart 2nd rejection of the AugP, but so far AugS1 has held. Adding in Bollinger Bands and MAs (3rd chart) we see 20MA starting to slope down and a break of the purple 50MA (this happened 4/20-5/31 as well, but held the 100MA on the 4/26 low). I don't know if we will stay in this range or drop lower, but if the latter then Q3P and rising 100MA beckon as targets. Remember I recommended a short right on the highs and have said since to hold below the AugP. 

Weekly chart between long term levels like TLT.
GLD D struggled at the AugP for several days before the larger drop. From 8/5 on, only 1 week up bar above otherwise selling and resistance. 

GDX (for kicks)
Weekly chart shows a phenomenal move from above 1HP and YP on 2/1, then a rally all the way to YR3. Textbook RSI divergence on the 8/1 and 8/8 bar high tests (2nd lower RSI level compared to 4/25 and 7/4 bars). Fast drop but maybe we'll see a bounce from YR2. 
Daily chart has been below a monthly pivot 1 day in April, a handful of days in May with slight breaks then a cluster late May; since jumping above on 6/3 entirely above all pivots until 8/22, that is 2.5 months! Sometimes it can pay to watch the monthly pivots! 

Weekly chart up bar; I haven't been expecting this to reach long term support. 
Daily chart did not reach monthly pivot zone either. The important note is a fractional close above the AugP for 2 days. This is not nothing, but so far considerably more tame than bars like 6/10 or others than really launched above the pivot. Lastly, a falling 50MA and 100MA than may act as resistance against the upward 10MA and 20MA. 

Weekly chart between levels. Daily chart overshoot of AugR1 then a drop back under. No big deal here. 

Weekly chart up bars, but not on levels. Daily chart the lone tell here with a jump on the rollover which held the AugP as support.