Safe havens

VIX and XIV look quite bullish for stocks. TLT and GLD say the opposite. We've seen this condition before this year, but that's an odd market.

Hard to be full on bullish in stocks with TLT so strong and GLD back above all pivots as well. 

Wow. 2 lows bang on the Q2P, open above JunP and sudden blast off. Looks like test of YR1 ahead. 

After making a high bang on 1HR3, GLD looked like it was heading to Q2P but instead jumped above its JunP on the massive jump on Friday. Back above all pivots. 

Not concerned yet, below all pivots since 5/24 and holding the JunP as resistance. Other times the market has dropped for real VIX has simultaneously jumped above pivots. 

Above its YP for the first time all year on Thursday and Friday. Similarly, when the larger market has dropped for real then XIV has broken under pivots.