Safe havens

TLT and GLD strong and above all pivots; VIX and XIV both sending bullish signals for stocks. So mixed bag among the safe havens. If the market was genuinely worried then we would see that reflected in VIX above MayP and XIV below MayP. My conclusion is that market is settling into a range after a mild pullback, rather than undergoing a big drop. 

Up from 1HR1 acting as support, which is bullish. Above the MayP as of 5/4. 

Made up to to 1HR2 and high near exact so far. Daily chart above all pivots. 

VIX back under all pivots which is bullish for the market. VIX is correct more often than not. 

XIV above its MayP also a bullish signal for the market. Although I don't understand why VIX is so low, and XIV remains below long term levels.