Safe havens

Safe havens so far supporting move in stocks. TLT not dropping but looks like it will open below the JuneP. GLD cracking, and both VIX and XIV confirming the move in risk assets.  

Several weeks of chopping in a range, with 3-4 week moves on each side. 

At this point I'd say looks like TLT opens below JuneP, although still above the Q2P that held exact on the 5/18 low.

2016 high on 1HR3 exact, then a a break break of YR1 with 1HR2 also looking like resistance. 

The 2nd break of MayP started the biggest drop of the year thus far. This was of course in combination with the high reached on 1HR3. With RSI near full oversold, probably the Q2P if tagged will try to bounce at least as a first move. 

It will be interesting to see if VIX confirms new stock highs (ie trades under its 2015 low). 

Look at that bar on 5/19, very bearish from the candle view. That suggested VIX lower and stocks up - VIX right again!

Along with RTY / IWM YP, XIV YP / 1HP area an interesting level to watch.

XIV correct with pullback and clear hold of MayP then UP.