Safe havens

TLT held Q2P last week, and after 1 day break of MayP came back the next day. GLD after a high on 1HR3 exact broke its MayP. VIX MayP interesting level to watch for next week, should help confirm more bounce in stocks if any lower, or show that stocks should be lower if another lift from the pivot. 

After the power move really from the end of December to early February, TLT has been consolidating in a range. Daily chart nearly tested MayR1s but didn't, but did hold the Q2P near exact and recovered its MayP the next day. 

High on 1HR3 near exact, but holding 1HR2 as support. Daily chart tried to hold MayP then broke.

About 9 weeks of sideways. Watch VIX MayP next week.

XIV has been quite strong since the 2/11 low near YS1. In April only 1 day below the monthly pivot, and May all above the level which held exact last week.