Safe havens

Safe havens bullish last week: "Bullish: TLT recovers Q2P, GLD above YR1, VIX higher, XIV continues to drop from AprR1."

TLT back above Q2P, GLD big jump above YR1, VIX not worried but bearish action on XIV with rejection of both Q2R1 (close enough) and its AprR1 again. 

These are less likely to move as a group so I will stop listing bull / bear scenarios. Also, because VIX up is bearish stocks and XIV up is bullish stocks it gets a little confusing if you are not as fluent in these. 

Held its 1HP after 1 day break, and moved back above its Q2P. Depending on its relation to the new MayP this could be a good buy setup or avoid. 

Wow! Jump up to 1HR2!

A weekly reversal bar, but the daily chart did not close above its AprP. 

Not sure why VIX has been so low and XIV still well under long term pivots. XIV looks more bearish to me this week due to its near tag of Q2R1.