Weekly strategy review

From last week: "Basic bullish is follow through gains with INDU remaining above all pivots so holding Q1P 17138, SPX holding YP 1HP Q1P support all 2014-16, and NDX above 4373."

FOMC made that easy with SPX staying above the area and NDX not showing any rejection, then a jump above all levels on 3/16 as INDU continued to lead higher.

Per the bullish scenario, "If these indexes stay above their big pivots then it is appropriate to be reducing or cutting the safe haven especially TLT below 1HR1  and buying more stock indexes, though if following this system on a daily basis you have already done this. Starter longs were 2/12 on DIA and oil, then possibly EWZ and RSX above FebPs from mid Feb if you held (or got back in early March) and now watching EEM, then a shuffle but more longs late February with USA leaders DIA and maybe SPY, in my view better to add via  the leaders so SOXX and/or DIA the last two weeks."

So if following daily SPY comments and weekly strategy ideas you were already significantly long coming into the week. No reason to be max long because there are still plenty of indexes below pivots. Perhaps you took some gains on EWZ or oil. Still mostly long via DIA, with some SOXX or SPY, and maybe EEM or RSX left, and decent chunk of GLD/GDX, is a very good place to be right now.

The first TLT exit suggestion was very good on the day of the high, but the 1HR1 break was a shakeout and not ideal. Still if you want to actively manage this sort of extended swing style, it isn't a bad idea to get out of what is weaker to free up capital for what is stronger.