I did a very detailed sentiment post a week ago. Here's a faster version.

Sum: put-call and AAII managers NOT showing extremes despite market trading horribly. ISEE at extremes but that has been more bearish for quite some time, and reflected excessive optimism on 1/26-27. Lastly, AAII individuals, savviest of the lot, very bearish and deservedly so. Maybe there is less to protect, but I think we should see higher put-call at stock index lows as well as AAII managers more at bearish extreme. Loose interpretation is readings are not bearish enough! 

Put-call weekly chart showing a lot fewer puts than last September. This doesn't make too much sense to me, as the market has been much more bearish. Perhaps less to protect but still. 

Daily put-call just starting to turn up. Should be higher, really. 

ISEE data from 2005
daily spikes: 2/4 to 2/9 all below 75. The 1/20 low was 45 and 2/8 low 50 so that is getting down there. Excessive optimism shown by 146 and 139 readings 1/26 & 1/27 respectively.
10MA 98% percentile, bearish extreme
20MA 96% percentile
50MA 98% percentile
OK, all bearish extremes here.

AAII managers data from 2006
Actually higher than last week. 
83% percentile  is low side but not extreme

AAII invididuals data from 2005 - best of the lot, often correct
bulls = 99% percentile, bearish extreme, just slightly more bulls than 1/19 reading
bears = 92% percentile
bull bear spread = 97% percentile
bull 8 week avg = absolute low value