Safe havens

Safe havens GLD and TLT continue to confirm "all in" for stocks. TLT below all pivots as of 11/10; GLD below 3 of 4 pivots as 11/11 and below all pivots as of 12/14.
VIX in particular another move nailed - massive drop below all pivots on 11/9, and has remained under all pivots on daily close. XIV more signs of trading top with bit of a fade from Q4R2. 

Weekly with long term levels only
Daily with long term  medium term
Daily with pivots only (no support or resistance) and moving averages for entries

Weekly chart fully oversold, but absence of selling pressure followed by weak buying. Daily chart entirely below D20 since 10/4. Very weak!

Break of YP without any try to hold - bearish. Since then has stayed below the level. Entirely below D20 since 11/10. 

Above YP, but below others and falling MAs. Not a buy. 

Reaching low area, but question is how long it stays down here. 11/9 clear as day VIX sell / stock buy, and below all pivots since then on daily close. No overshoot of lower BB band yet.

Daily chart highs on Q4R2 with mild fade; still above rising D20 though.