Safe havens

VIX and XIV both very constructive for market since 11/9 and 11/7 respectively and both not showing any trouble here. This means stocks have more chance of breaking out upside, or at least going sideways instead of down. 

On safe havens, GLD broke its YP as I thought, but has a better shot at some recovery. Watching for a maybe small buy although I am really not a fan of positioning in such ugly overall downtrends. 

Weekly with long term levels only
Daily with long term  medium term
Daily with pivots only (no support or resistance) and moving averages for entries

Not on any long term support yet; daily chart not on any level either. RSI and Bollinger band divergence is building. 

Break of YP as expected, but more easily recovered that TLT. Even if it recovers, this is not the best long setup. All MAs have falling slope; quarterly chart downtrend (below falling 20MA, monthly chart below slightly falling 20MA, weekly downtrend yet RSI touching 30. Can we think about a small position here? I guess - YP if recovers and weekly RSI oversold. Given all the downtrends, I would not make it a big one and would be quick to take gains. 

GDX has stayed higher above the YP, but not really anything to be buying here. 

Below all pivots on daily close from 11/9. Friday's action actually quite bullish for stocks. The most bullish thing for market would be for VIX to stay 11-14 area for a while. 

Doing fine! Not on any level, though DecR2 within reach for a tag.