TPP vs Mohamed El-Erian

There is a CNBC story from today, 11/2, that Mohamed El-Erian is recommending to take money out of the market. 

The Pivotal Perspective has consistently said upside limited from August 21+, and issued a rare trouble alert on 10/27. So we've beat him by a few days and a few %s. 

But here is where we really differ - I am thinking this looks more like a key low than a time to sell. We'll see what happens. 

ps: In spite of his illustrious reputation and enviable status as retired investor, El-Erian hasn't been the best on stock market lows, claiming that "markets had much lower to go" on 8/24/2015.


11/13 update: Speculative buy right idea, but I didn't give it enough room and used SPY Q4S1, QQQ Q4P and IWM YP as stop areas, and said out 11/3. SPY NovS2 would have worked.