Safe havens

Safe havens TLT and GLD have been weaker in the second half, as Tech has resumed USA leadership from INDU. This is bullish action for stocks. VIX pivot tests and holds as resistance have been *the* places to buy stocks this year. 

Held 2HP on recent low, but weekly chart with wick vulnerable to drop. 

Chopping sideways far from any long term level for several weeks now. Daily chart shows double top on Q3R1, but unlike TLT has held quite steady without even a test of Q3P.

VIX weekly chart a thing of beauty, with key stock buys of the year on VIX long term pivots. VIX jumped above the SepP 3 times yet stocks have held up fairly well. The drop from 2HP and subsequent hold and rejection of Q3P confirmed buy the dip, but the last week was choppy with 2 jumps above SepP followed by immediate comebacks for stocks. 

Did fine and held YP 3 bars ago, then 2HR1 as acted as support. Interesting tell on 9/26 week was that XIV held SepP the entire way.