The Pivotal Perspective was developed over a number of years. This simple yet amazing tool that works so well on indexes, ETFs, stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and VIX vehicles. 

The author of The Pivotal Perspective has a knack for getting the big market turns with buy recommendations for both Dow and oil on 2/12/2016 (1 day off the major lows), short TLT at the very top in July 2016, and catching a major VIX low in 2017.  All of these calls were 'one shot' each. PS: Bitcoin buy rec from 406. Check top featured posts. 

The author wrote a stock market newsletter for many years before being found by a hedge fund where he worked as chief strategist for 2013-15. During 2013, one of two funds under management achieved world beating ~110% returns running ~100M AUM. Alas the fund closed at end of 2015.  

The author lives in San Francisco with his wife and a playful Papillon named Isabel.